The vision and Mission of YCHI Autism Center

Written by YCHI. Posted in Profil


In 2020, YCHI want to be the center of the foremost and leading to autism treatment based ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) through education, training, treatment, and research.



  1. Develop best practices in ABA-based therapy for people with autism syndrome, and provide a reliable therapeutic training and support for education and resources.
  2. Build a transparent and credible organization that relies on individual excellence and team work team.
  3. Raise awareness about autism in the wider society and the importance of knowledge of ABA in autism treatment.
  4. Synergize other stakeholders such as universities , medical professionals , and other agencies.
  5. Provide an opportunity for everyone to learn and contribute to autism treatment in the world to a better direction through various programs and activities YCHI and partners.
  6. Specifically raised the quality of the resources and therapy services for special needs children from underprivileged families.
  7. Building a research program in collaboration with various institutions for the advancement of science -related autism.