the history of YCHI

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YCHI established by Mr. and Mrs. Nila Zulfikar Alimuddin Susanti, knowing how hard the challenges of taking care of their second son Rayhan Iftikar the syndrome that bears autistic disorder. Therefore, they promised to dedicate mind, energy, and financial them to help special needs children from underprivileged families.

The foundation called Love Hope Indonesia because of the love YCHI want to give hope to parents of children with special needs who previously could not even imagine how to provide treatment to their child.

For more than 4 years of existence, YCHI many challenges and learning gain. Thanks to the help of donors, volunteers and teamwork, YCHI now has 7 SNETS in 5 cities. The clinic provides treatment to special needs children from poor families for free.

Although initially YCHI started at the initiative of Mr. and Mrs. Nila Zulfikar Alimuddin Susanti, but in perjalananya some professionals such as psychologists, therapists, doctors and volunteers to join the foundation moves. Mr. and Mrs. Nila Zulfikar Alimuddin Susanti believe that there will be a lot of friends, and the general public that will support the growth YCHI as an institution that aspires to provide the best treatment for children with special needs.